Superberry Mud Mask

Thursday, 18 September 2014


I mentioned in my previous post that I've noticed an improvement in my skin recently as my pores are more refined and my skin tone looks to have evened out a bit. The thing is, with using a combination of products on my face it's not entirely possible to know which product is responsible for which improvements, so I wanted to talk a bit more about the other things I use!
I was treated to this Superdrug facemask back in July when it was my birthday as my mum knows how much I love girly things like this, especially with it being both vegan-friendly and cruelty-free! Firstly, as superficial as it may be, I really love the packaging. The cute pink colour instantly draws me in and I love the image of the raspberries, it always makes me want to use it! It's really convenient having a facemask that just comes out of a tube instead of faffing around with those one-time packets because it creates way less mess and I don't feel like I'm wasting any product, sometimes there's more in the packets than I can actually put on my face!
Unlike a lot of facemasks this one has exfoliating qualities due to the raspberry seeds it contains so I usually massage this in for a few minutes to feel all the benefits before relaxing and letting it set. I love these kinds of thick, heavy clay masks because they feel so cooling on the skin and are meant to be really good at soaking up oil - which unfortunately I have a lot of - so they're perfect for my skin type! The only downside I can really think of is that for a lazy person like me I do begrudge having to remove it after the 15 minutes are up and I'm quite a fan of peel-off masks for this reason, but that's just me needing to get a grip!
I'm always so pleased after I've used this because the results are instantly noticeable! Super smooth skin with barely a pore in sight. I usually follow with a splash of cold water to try and keep them closed so perhaps this is why I've been seeing such an improvement lately! I'm making an effort to use this at least twice a week even if I don't keep it on for the full amount of time as I'm sure it's doing some good. I would really recommend this to anyone who loves a bit of a pamper or is into skincare like I am, I really enjoy using new products and this one is certainly something I'll keep coming back to!

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Superdrug Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser

Monday, 15 September 2014

Ever since my beloved Body Shop cleansing butter ran out I've been using this hot cloth cleanser just because I fancied something different! I really love this Superdrug range because all the products are cruelty-free and many are also vegan-friendly, so if this appeals to you be sure to check out my reviews of other things in the line here!
For a long time now I've completely stepped away from those foamy, tingly kind of cleansers that stripped my skin because I came to the realisation that gentle creamy cleansers felt way nicer on my face and were much less aggravating. I'm always being bothered by how oily my skin is but I think part of the problem was probably all the over-washing with harsh products!
Using this is really easy, every evening I wet my face then massage a generous dollop of this into my skin and around my eyes in an attempt to lift the day's makeup. Next I grab a flannel (I think I've misplaced the nice cloth that came with this one - doh!) and rinse it in warm water before using it to wipe everything off, usually wringing it out a couple of times and putting fresh water on to make sure everything is squeaky clean! I like to finish off with a quick splash of tap water then gently dry my face and get on with the rest of my routine. I absolutely love how thick and buttery this cream cleanser is because it feels so nice to apply, especially when you can't really be bothered to take your face off before bed - it's way less of a chore when you have a really lovely product to look forward to!
My skin has reacted really well to this and I've suffered with no breakouts or anything at all like that since switching my cleanser. In fact I've actually noticed an improvement in my skin as my pores look more refined and I think the overall tone is slightly more even. Maybe it's just my imagination but it does claim to even out skin tone so who knows!
Has anyone else been using anything from Superdrug's skincare line? I'd love to know what you make of their products!

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

On Monday I returned home from an 8 hour coach journey with the worst festival blues known to man. Yes, I cried. Yes, I refused to unpack my rucksack because I wanted to 'preserve memories', but now that I'm finally starting to come back down to earth I thought it was time to share a few Bestival snaps with you guys.

You'll have to ignore the poor quality pictures because I didn't want to risk taking my camera and it was dark most of the time anyway, but hopefully you can get an idea of just how incredible it was there! Saturday was dress up day and as the theme this year was Desert Island Disco we decided to be mermaids. It was SO fun, I wish I could be a mermaid everyday. Even when it wasn't the dress up day I had a blast experimenting with makeup as you can see from my black lips and pink bindi. It's just so great to be able to go crazy and know that no one is judging you because everyone else is doing the same! Any worries I initially had about looking too 'out there' completely vanished as soon as I stepped out the tent as it was like stepping out into another world full of madness and glitter... lots and lots of glitter.
I am so surprised at how well I coped hygiene-wise because the thought of not washing my hair for 4 or 5 days was enough to send me into panic before I left, but while I was there I didn't even think anything of it. My advice to anyone who's thinking of going to a festival and is worried about the same thing is just to leave your hair in the same style for the entire time and resist touching it as much as possible. As you can see my hair is exactly the same in all the photos but it didn't look greasy the whole time so I was pretty pleased! Don't get me wrong festival camping is pretty gross and the smell of the toilets isn't something I'm too keen to remember, but as long as you've got the essentials like hand sanitiser, deodorant, toothpaste etc then there's nothing to stress about. It actually felt refreshing to be surrounded by a bunch of people who couldn't really care less about their appearance because we all knew that we were in the same boat. I even committed an unthinkable beauty blogger sin and wore last night's makeup for most of the next day because I was too lazy to remove it from my face and put more on, dun dun DUUUUN!
The music was incredible and I was enthusiastically grooving away til 3am most nights, sometimes I even felt like I could've stayed out longer! There were so many different tents to accommodate for all music tastes and the ones that stood out most to me were the reggae roots area and the Bollywood tent, both so different but really really great. I was also right near the front to see Paloma Faith and her voice was amazing as well as her stage presence so I'm really glad we made the effort to see her! Another thing that I just have to comment on is the food, I was a little concerned about what there would be for me as a vegan but I really had nothing to worry about and actually came home with most of the food I took with me. Now I have many, many baked beans to consume.
Okay, I think that's about everything as I don't want to bore you to death/brag any more, but just before I go I really need to mention the fact that Bestival broke the record for having the world's largest disco ball ever! Pretty darn cool. They lifted it into the air on the last night for the firework display and it was like Disneyland but even better, in fact I almost shed a tear. :'(
Thanks SO much for reading, especially if you made it to here. I hope you've enjoyed my super long blog post and I really hope it might come in handy to those of you considering going to a festival in future!

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Scary film releases: the good and the bad

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

I am such a sucker for scary films, and despite the fact that I know I'll be spending weeks avoiding mirrors when it's dark and jumping out of my skin when things go bump in the night, I just cannot resist the adrenaline rush that comes with being scared silly.
I'd been toying with the idea of seeing Deliver Us from Evil for a good few days, trying to talk some sense into myself against seeing yet another frightful film, but in the end I knew it was gonna happen. I'd read some reviews that weren't all too great so I wasn't expecting much, but curiosity got the better of me and I'm so glad it did! I loved this film. It was so good. The storyline kept me hooked throughout the whole thing, the characters were great and it was the perfect combo of reality/freaky stuff to actually make it somewhat believable and genuinely scary. You know sometimes things are so far fetched and overdone that they almost become laughable? This wasn't like that at all. The theme of exorcism really interests me as well as all the religious stuff throughout so it was kind of my idea of the perfect scary film! Not too much gore either thank goodness as that just puts me right off. Creepy suspense building scenes with bits that make you jump, yes. Blood, guts and a load of other gross stuff, no thank you! Not for me.
Okay, so the next film didn't quite appeal to me like Deliver Us from Evil did. To start with, there really was no point in seeing it, all the best bits where shown in the trailer. In theory, As Above, So Below could be a really incredible film because the storyline itself features loads of interesting stuff about the philosopher's stone and the catacombs in Paris. But, UGH, I don't know what to say other than it was just done really badly. The acting was cringey in parts, some of the lines were so clich├ęd that it left you questioning whether you were watching a parody spoof type thing rather than an actual scary film. And it was pretty boring too, the 'scary' moments felt few and far between in comparison to Deliver Us from Evil and I was nowhere near as hooked. I feel really bad because obviously a lot of hard work will have gone into making it, but in the end it just didn't come together.
I don't know how many of you readers are into your films, let alone this genre, but as someone who gets super excited at any scary films being in the cinema I wanted to share this just in case it's of any interest! I won't be blogging over the next few days as I'm away at Bestival (WOOO!), but I'll be back with more posts soon after!

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Tanatomicals Self Tan Mousse

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

As someone who is only ever tanned after a week or two of diligently sunning myself abroad (and this disappears as soon as I get home) fake tan is a huge must for those times when I just want a bit of extra colour. A firm favourite of mine will always be St Tropez but now and again I like to try something new, especially if it means I can save a few pennies!
I stumbled upon this Tanatomicals self tan mousse as I was searching Superdrug for something that was sold out, and as a big fan of Anatomicals quirky packaging I just couldn't resist. I'm used to using a moisturising self tan so I was really intrigued by a mousse as well!
When the mousse first came out, it was shockingly brown. For someone who's been used to white/creamy coloured moisturisers that gradually tan you it was kind of stressful spreading this seriously dark stuff all over myself as quickly as humanly possibly to avoid any streaks! I was really worried about it drying before I had chance to make sure I was even all over, but thankfully that didn't happen. I really had no need to be so daunted by the look of the mousse as the end colour turned out really well - I just wish I'd known that before I got into a flap and ended up with a big blob of this on my cream carpet!
So, when it's all on and you've left it to dry before putting on some clothes (I would recommend some old pjs because the colour does come off slightly, and definitely don't use this if you have brand new bedding) you may be slightly taken aback by how dark you already look. The first time I used this I went to bed looking so oompa-loompa-you've-been-tangoed-y that I had pretty much accepted the fact I couldn't leave the house the next day, BUT all is forgotten after the morning shower!
I always exfoliate after applying fake tan instead of before because whenever I do this it always fades evenly and seamlessly, so after a good old scrub in the shower I knew that things couldn't be too bad because the water was running off me the colour of mud. When I looked in the mirror I was greeted with a natural looking bronzed glow, no oompa loompa in sight!
The colour lasts a good few days, but doesn't quite stretch to a week, so is perfect for those one off occasions like a weekend away or a festival. I think it would last longer on me if I skipped the exfoliating, but I don't want to risk any patchy fading so I'm just going to keep doing it my weird way! One more thing I ought to mention, this smells so nice! It really reminds me of pina colada and I don't think it could get any better than that!
What tanning products are taking your fancy at the minute? Have you ever tried this one?
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New Beginnings: Cya Fairygobmother!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Hey there readers! I hope all this changing around business isn't gonna put you off too much but boy oh boy did I need do bite the bullet and just do it.
Back when I started Fairygobmother I had no idea that more than a year later I would still be super dedicated to posting every other day and I certainly had no idea that I was going to grow with it the way I have done. But as with everything, this blog has evolved, and 'fairygobmother' just didn't feel right anymore. It got to the point that when people asked me what my blog was called I felt too embarrassed to actually say the name and just kind of made an excuse about how cringey it was - SO, time for a change!
You might wonder if 'she dreams' is any better as I guess it is equally as girly, but when it popped into my head something just clicked. I've been spending a whole lot of time lately 'dreaming' about my future, wondering what's in store for me as I embark on my final year of uni, planning all the adventures and travelling I want to do before I 'get old' and fantasizing about my ideal life (I will win the lottery one day, and when I do, that Disney princess-esque mansion will be mine) like I'm sure we all do. What would life be without the joy of dreams eh?
I've chosen a really bad time to do this because instead of spending the day packing my life back into boxes to return to Manchester tomorrow I've been stressing about switching over domains and editing twitter handles, but I guess that all comes with the joy of being equally as impatient as I am driven. Once I get a light bulb moment I absolutely have to act on it right away!
Thanks so much if you've reached the end of this ramble. I've got my fingers crossed that you'll all support me in this awkward transition stage and hopefully I'll have my blogging mojo back asap!
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Matchy Matchy

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Tom popped over the other day to pick me up before heading to the shops, and as he stepped out the car I realised we were both wearing Snoopy! Pretty cringey really as people may've thought we were purposely co-ordinated as we strolled along hand in hand, but you have to see the funny side!
I thought it was a great opportunity to quickly snap a few blog photos as I've been meaning to share this cute top with you for a while anyway. I love how it's pretty plain (plain plain plain, oh how I love plain things) apart from the quirky image in the middle, and think the bright red melon is a great pop of colour. Both tops are from Urban Outfitters and they still have some Snoopy stuff in at the minute so definitely check them out!

I hope you don't mind how short and sweet this post is but I just fancied something a little less lengthy today, and tomorrow is my last day interning at PETA so I need to get my apron on and cook something up for the office potluck!
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