Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Over the Easter weekend I made the most of the time off and decided to book a last minute trip to Budapest! It's somewhere neither me nor my boyf had been before so we thought it would be a cool idea to go and explore it together for our first trip away. We had SUCH an amazing time and I would absolutely recommend Budapest to anyone who wants to get away. The city is beyond beautiful and there is just so much to explore, I wish we had chance to stay out there a bit longer really!

On our first day we explored for a bit before getting the metro in the wrong direction at ending up at the wrong end of the line. We hopped off just to see if there was anything worth looking at and found this super cute market!

The smell of all the different foods mixed together was amazing and there was a lovely little hustle and bustle about the area. Turns out getting lost on the metro wasn't such a bad idea! When we finally ended up at our actual destination though it was super impressive... if you ever go to Budapest you have to make sure you go to Heroes' Square!

Nose squish!

We wandered round the square then over a little bridge to another lively market area. This one was bigger than the previous with even more food and drink - some of which we couldn't help but indulge in.
Time for a quick selfie!

We got kinda hungry after walking round for most of the day so made our way back to the hotel on the lookout for food, ending up in the BEST Mexican place I've ever been!

I'm genuinely drooling right now reminiscing about my burrito.

After our unreallll Mexican food we went back to the hotel to chill for a while and get ready for the evening, which involved dinner out followed by a very drunken night in a really cool bar/club. Hands down one of the best nights I've ever had, I already wanna go back so bad! This is the place if anyone's interested!

The next day we woke up pretty late and extremely hungover, but once we'd made ourselves feel somewhat human again we went for a walk over the bridge to take in all the pretty views...

So epic! As you can probably tell from the amount of pictures above I was totally captivated. Not a bad way to nurse a hangover at all!

The rest of the day we chilled, ate, and caught up with another couple who we had met in the bar the night before. Unfortunately after that it was time for us to pack and get ready to say bye byeeee to Budapest :( It was a really short trip but so worth it even for a couple of days of paradise!

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V day

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Hi lovelies! I haven't posted on here in while so I thought I would do a quick update. I hope you all had a fab valentines day/weekend whatever you got up to. I had a ridiculously chilled day which started out with a cuppa in bed followed by a glorious breakfast at Bill's...

So delish! They even offered us champagne with our food but I had to decline as I thought it was a tad too early even for us.

Later on in the afternoon I dragged the boyf out for a walk just before it started to get dark. It was bloody freezing but so so pretty and quite a bit of fun when we stopped bickering about being too cold/hungry like little children (all we do is eat).

When we got back we pretty much straight away ordered a chinese (extra seaweed please) and put Snatch on while we warmed back up under the duvet. Ultimately chillllllllled.

Whether you're happily single or enjoyed your day with someone special, I hope you had a super Sunday and are enjoying half term with kiddies or making it through the working week (happy hump day, Friday is in sight!) Promise I'll post again soon! xx

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illamasqua sale buys

Thursday, 4 February 2016

If there's one brand I get truly excited about when it comes to post-xmas/January sales it's Illamasqua. I'm a loyal buyer of their products and have worshiped their lipsticks for a couple of years now, always having total faith in both their formulas and their shades. This means that I know I won't be getting fobbed off with any naff bargain buys when the sale comes round, so I love to take the opportunity to stock up on their lust-worthy goodies!

The first product that caught my eye was their Lipstick in Liv...

Their matte lipsticks are what first drew me to the brand so they're always a nice safe option for me as I know I love wearing them. Nude/pinky tones, or anything light in general, appeal to me massively at the minute so I couldn't miss the opportunity to grab this vibrant candy pink! There is no way that this lipstick is budging once you put it on, so it's a good idea if you know you have a long day ahead.

I also couldn't resist their Matte Liquid Lipstick in Exotic..

So dreamy! The colour pay off with this lipstick is so intense it's unreal. Literally brightens up any look! The first time I wore it in the office I go so many comments, it really is just too bright to miss and makes your lips look lovely and full too. I was a tad wary when applying this because of how runny and bold the product is (one shaky arm movement and it could be game over) but the precision brush at the end makes it alllllllllll okay. Even for someone as clumsy as me.

The wear time is really long yet again and I would definitely recommend it if you need a sturdy lippy that won't budge. Don't get me wrong this does begin to flake off eventually after a few hours/drinks/snacks but it's nothing you wouldn't expect from a lip product. Anyway, even if the formulas weren't as incredible as they are, I could totally forgive Illamasqua for it because the colours are just something else entirely...

Amazing! Just so irresistibly bright. 

The final purchase I made was the Empower palette. 

All of these shades are stunning in their own way but my ultimate favourite are Blink (the matte light nude/brown) and Fervent (shimmery, multi-tonal red/brown). I'm loving playing with this palette at the minute and switching up how I use it, but my go to look is using the lightest colour to highlight and the dark charcoal to line my eyes, with the nude as a base and Fervent in the crease! Here I've used the eyeshadow palette and the lipstick in Liv (a very minimal covering toned down with another nude lip liner).

Ta-da! All of these products can be incorporated into my daily makeup routine or used to amp it up on a special occasion, I think that's why I love them so much! 

Are you a big fan of Illamasqua? Please do recommend any products of theirs that you think I would like, though I can't promise I won't have already tried them as I am slowly but surely making my way through all their lipsticks!

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