Winter pastels (and penguins)

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Coat - Topshop // Skirt - Missguided // Top - French Connection // Boots - Primark
Firstly - how cool are these fellas behind me!? Me and the lovely Ellie discovered this snazzy spot while taking outfit photos the other week and it's definitely gonna be my location of choice in future, so you'd better get used to them! So perfect for getting me into the Christmas spirit.
Anyway, I ordered this pastel yellow skirt a few weeks back (it's a total bargain by the way) because for some absurd reason I was totally drawn to it. I don't mean any offense to the skirt by this, it's just that you can barely bribe me to wear yellow even in the summer months, let alone winter, so I really don't know what came over me! Yellow has never been a colour that I felt suited me and I always struggled to pull it off, but when I saw the light pastel tone of this skirt it struck me as kind of crisp and wintery, or at least something with potential to feature in a wintery outfit. So here we have my pastel/wintery-style get up. What do you think?
Slightly off topic, but the French Connection top that I'm wearing here is the comfiest thing I've bought in years and it's been practically glued to my skin since I purchased it a few months ago (apart from when it gets a wash, obvs). If you're lacking in a wardrobe staple I would 100% recommend investing in this as it goes with everything and the long sleeves are really appreciated in this chilly weather.
I really hope you like this outfit combo, let me know if you have any advice on how to style my new skirt!
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Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner Black

Thursday, 20 November 2014

As I started reaching for this again recently it suddenly hit me that I hadn't even thought about reviewing it on here. My beauty reviews are few and far between at the minute and I've kind of got out the habit, mainly because I'm not in a position to spend anything on beauty - poor student and all that - but seen as though I've been absolutely loving using this lately I thought I'd be a fool not to share it with you on here!
Now to get started, I'm not actually much of an eyeliner person. In fact, at the age of about 15 I swiftly put down my kohl liner and stuck to opening my eyes out with mascara instead, however after years of not touching the stuff I'm starting to dabble in eyeliner once again! My total lack in 'experience' where eyeliner is concerned means I'm totally biased towards any products that offer ease of application, and this does just that. In fact, not only is the small, skinny nib perfect for precision, but it's also really versatile and creates a number of strokes depending on how you use it.

Whether you just want to subtly line the eye or create a bold feline flick this liquid liner makes it so easy for you. As you can see, the black is very pigmented and I'm also really pleased by fact that it doesn't smudge or discolour throughout the day. It also feels really moisturising as far as eyeliners go, so when you apply it there is absolutely no tugging on the lid at all and it just glides along - possibly due to the fact that it doesn't dry out like many other liquid eyeliners can do!
The eyeliner has a lovely sleek and simple design and the packaging feels sturdy enough to make it handbag friendly. Finally, the product is also cruelty free so no bunnies were harmed in the making!
As you can probably tell, this Eyeko eyeliner is a firm favourite of mine at the minute and I would definitely recommend it as a product. Have you tried anything else from the Eyeko range? Let me know if you have as I'd love to hear about their other offerings!

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The LBD Gemma Dress

Monday, 17 November 2014

Last month I attended the most glamorous party hosted by Little Black Dress, but I've been holding off blogging about it until now because I really wanted to include some snaps of my own LBD in the post! After the event the lovely ladies at Little Black Dress were kind enough to send me a voucher to put towards my very own LBD collection number and after much consideration I finally ordered the Gemma Dress. I could so easily have gone all out and ordered a spectacularly sequiny gown but then the sensible side of me decided it would be best to get something I could realistically get a bit of wear out of. Simplistic styles like this really appeal to me anyway and I'm actually obsessed with the simple yet stunning back detail of the dress!

This modest dress is cut just at the knee but the figure-hugging design makes it perfect for evening wear, as does the gorgeous cowl-dropped back. What's also great about the design is that there's a back strap included which means you can wear a bra with ease. I don't know about you but I'm always overlooking backless dresses due to the unnecessary faff of having to figure out bra arrangements, so to have a simple solution like this is really appreciated!

As you can probably imagine, the event itself was just as glitzy as the dresses that were being showcased, and I had a lovely time mingling with bloggers and chatting to the Little Black Dress ladies and models about the new LBD collection. The dresses in the collection are inspired by icons (mine's inspired by Gemma Arterton!) which I think is really cool, and they are all absolutely perfect for party season.
I want to say a huuuuge thank you to Little Black Dress for including me in their wonderful event and allowing me to get my hands on such a perfect dress! I recommend them to anyone who is on the search for a party dress this festive season as you are sure to feel wonderful in anything you choose from the LBD collection.
What do you think of the Gemma dress? It is a style that you would go for? Let me know what you think!
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Fashionchick fashionably festive party

Saturday, 15 November 2014

A couple of nights ago I put on my heels and headed down to Manchester's Epernay champagne bar to join other bloggers at Fashionchick's fashionably festive party. The evening involved a lot of fizz, fashion and of course, fun so I had a wonderful time! Festivity was everywhere - from the gorgeous sequin dresses to the candy canes and chocolate coins, it definitely felt like Christmas had come early.
Both Boohoo and Dorothy Perkins were there to showcase some of their gorgeous items and it was great to meet the lovely ladies behind the brands and just have a bit of a chat. As well as having the opportunity to look through all the new season clothes we were also treated to makeovers and hair styling as well as glitzy manicures, so well all felt as glam as the incredible dresses we were surrounded by!
Not only was the event itself a hit but the goody bags were pretty impressive too, including items like this gorgeous stole which I'm sure will feature on here soon enough! I was so happy with the Dorothy Perkins autumn/winter magazine as well as the pictures are so pretty and I've been loving flicking through it to gain some inspiration.

I absolutely love this quirky 'yes no' clutch and the best part is it's big enough to actually fit in everything you need! It even has a phone pocket which I think is pretty cool, and it's monochrome so I automatically love it even more. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think about how lucky I am to get invited to these fabulous events and receive stunning items like these from brands I love. It really does make all the time I dedicate to blogging worthwhile and it's so cool to me that the big brands I look up to even acknowledge my existence haha!
I want to say a huge thanks to Fashionchick for organising this brilliant party and inviting me along. Here's a pic of me and Molly getting into the festive spirit!
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The (incredible) Cosy Club Vegan Menu

Thursday, 13 November 2014

One thing's for sure, if there's a vegan food option anywhere relatively close to me I will sniff it out and hunt it down within a heartbeat. But when vegan desserts are concerned, well that changes everything. Give a vegan a menu that includes starters, mains and some pudding options and it kinda feels like winning the food lottery. To indulge in your own glorious gateau instead of having to enviously look on as others pity your lack of pudding is such a great feeling, and I will forever thank the Cosy Club for this!
Let's start at the beginning shall we? Mushroom bruschetta for starters alongside one of the most delicious lemonades I've ever tasted.

The juicy mushrooms were perfectly cooked and bursting with flavour. I found myself longing for more but it was a good job I left some room for the next course! Spicy bean burger with red onion marmalade, tomato and gherkin along with house salad and skin-on fries - phwoar.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with burger and chips in my opinion, it's my favourite meal to order when I eat out and this was no exception. It's so important to not feel like you're 'missing out' in terms of eating a proper meal and when places create huge tasty burgers like this - completely free of animal products of course - I think they do us vegans proud!
Okay, so being the greedy guts I am I obviously couldn't resist scanning the dessert menu and wound up choosing this dark chocolate and ginger torte. I shall let the pictures do the talking...

Boy oh boy was that delicious. I think I'd struggle to create a more dream-worthy, drool-inducing dessert if I tried!
I would 100% recommend trying the Cosy Club vegan menu to anyone who struggles to find vegan-friendly food or even just wants to try it out for a change! With restaurants like this creating tasty and reasonably priced vegan options I think that more people will start to see veganism as a fun choice instead of a restricting one. You go Cosy Club!

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So this blogging business, what does it take?

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I'll tell you what it takes, it takes up a hell of a lot of time! When I was approached by farfetch with an infographic all about the skills and - of course - time you need to manage a blog, I didn't really think much of it. That was until I opened up the document and realised how incredibly accurate (and pretty) it was!

As you can see written on the little pot of concealer, 10.3 hours per week is the average amount of time spend blogging, and considering for most of us this is just a hobby with no massive earning potential I would say that demonstrates a huge amount of dedication! I absolutely love some of the stats they've feature here, usually stats are something I (negatively) associate with my psychology degree - SPSS will forever defeat me - but some of these I actually found really interesting! Especially at the bottom where it mentions the best social network to connect with readers. Twitter comes out top with 43% and I couldn't agree more, it's definitely my go-to social media platform when it comes to all things blog related.
The advice featured in this infographic is fantastic in my opinion especially when it comes to building a community. I planned a meet up at the start of this year and not only did it give me the wonderful opportunity to socialise with some local bloggers, but it also boosted my confidence levels significantly once I realised I'd actually managed to pull the whole thing off! You can read all about that great experience here.
Another statistic that I love in this is the '60% of bloggers use their smartphone cameras to take photos'. In a fiercely competitive and fast moving community it sometimes feels as though you don't even stand a chance at creating enjoyable content if you haven't splashed out on the latest, greatest DSLR, so I found this point particularly comforting as a reminder to stop comparing myself to the top few bloggers who are lucky enough to invest in that kind of equipment. I know a lot of bloggers also get a bit hung up about this and it's a topic that often surfaces in twitter chats so I'm hoping a few of them will see this too!
It's also really interesting to see the differences between blogging styles laid out here. For example, it says that 16% of bloggers are inspired by magazines or websites, but I know that's just not me at all. The advice on keeping a journal of ideas, on the other hand, is completely me and my blogging notebook is definitely one of my most prized possessions!
So, what about this infographic stands out most to you? Are there any statistics that have confirmed any thoughts you've had on blogging or maybe even surprised you? What do you make of the advice given on here? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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The Cutest Print Ever

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Shirt - Lovestruck // Jeans - Topshop // Jacket - Topshop // Boots - River Island
I am sooo in love with this latest addition to my wardrobe and as soon as I saw it in the little boutique it came from I knew I had to make it mine! It ticks all the boxes for me - simple style, easy to wear, monochrome, aaand the perfect print! This shirt is really easy to pair with jeans and skirts, and I even pulled it off with a skort earlier this week so I'm sure I'll get my money's worth out of it! I've started wearing it under winter jumpers as well so I can still get loads of use out of it when it's chilly.
Lovestruck isn't a brand I've been familiar with before but I'm so glad I discovered them as they have some lovely pieces, I especially have my eye on this dress! What do you think of this dog print shirt? Is it something you'd wear? Let me know how you'd style it in the comments!
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