Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tanatomicals Self Tan Mousse

As someone who is only ever tanned after a week or two of diligently sunning myself abroad (and this disappears as soon as I get home) fake tan is a huge must for those times when I just want a bit of extra colour. A firm favourite of mine will always be St Tropez but now and again I like to try something new, especially if it means I can save a few pennies!
I stumbled upon this Tanatomicals self tan mousse as I was searching Superdrug for something that was sold out, and as a big fan of Anatomicals quirky packaging I just couldn't resist. I'm used to using a moisturising self tan so I was really intrigued by a mousse as well!
When the mousse first came out, it was shockingly brown. For someone who's been used to white/creamy coloured moisturisers that gradually tan you it was kind of stressful spreading this seriously dark stuff all over myself as quickly as humanly possibly to avoid any streaks! I was really worried about it drying before I had chance to make sure I was even all over, but thankfully that didn't happen. I really had no need to be so daunted by the look of the mousse as the end colour turned out really well - I just wish I'd known that before I got into a flap and ended up with a big blob of this on my cream carpet!
So, when it's all on and you've left it to dry before putting on some clothes (I would recommend some old pjs because the colour does come off slightly, and definitely don't use this if you have brand new bedding) you may be slightly taken aback by how dark you already look. The first time I used this I went to bed looking so oompa-loompa-you've-been-tangoed-y that I had pretty much accepted the fact I couldn't leave the house the next day, BUT all is forgotten after the morning shower!
I always exfoliate after applying fake tan instead of before because whenever I do this it always fades evenly and seamlessly, so after a good old scrub in the shower I knew that things couldn't be too bad because the water was running off me the colour of mud. When I looked in the mirror I was greeted with a natural looking bronzed glow, no oompa loompa in sight!
The colour lasts a good few days, but doesn't quite stretch to a week, so is perfect for those one off occasions like a weekend away or a festival. I think it would last longer on me if I skipped the exfoliating, but I don't want to risk any patchy fading so I'm just going to keep doing it my weird way! One more thing I ought to mention, this smells so nice! It really reminds me of pina colada and I don't think it could get any better than that!
What tanning products are taking your fancy at the minute? Have you ever tried this one?
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Saturday, 30 August 2014

New Beginnings: Cya Fairygobmother!

Hey there readers! I hope all this changing around business isn't gonna put you off too much but boy oh boy did I need do bite the bullet and just do it.
Back when I started Fairygobmother I had no idea that more than a year later I would still be super dedicated to posting every other day and I certainly had no idea that I was going to grow with it the way I have done. But as with everything, this blog has evolved, and 'fairygobmother' just didn't feel right anymore. It got to the point that when people asked me what my blog was called I felt too embarrassed to actually say the name and just kind of made an excuse about how cringey it was - SO, time for a change!
You might wonder if 'she dreams' is any better as I guess it is equally as girly, but when it popped into my head something just clicked. I've been spending a whole lot of time lately 'dreaming' about my future, wondering what's in store for me as I embark on my final year of uni, planning all the adventures and travelling I want to do before I 'get old' and fantasizing about my ideal life (I will win the lottery one day, and when I do, that Disney princess-esque mansion will be mine) like I'm sure we all do. What would life be without the joy of dreams eh?
I've chosen a really bad time to do this because instead of spending the day packing my life back into boxes to return to Manchester tomorrow I've been stressing about switching over domains and editing twitter handles, but I guess that all comes with the joy of being equally as impatient as I am driven. Once I get a light bulb moment I absolutely have to act on it right away!
Thanks so much if you've reached the end of this ramble. I've got my fingers crossed that you'll all support me in this awkward transition stage and hopefully I'll have my blogging mojo back asap!
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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Matchy Matchy

Tom popped over the other day to pick me up before heading to the shops, and as he stepped out the car I realised we were both wearing Snoopy! Pretty cringey really as people may've thought we were purposely co-ordinated as we strolled along hand in hand, but you have to see the funny side!
I thought it was a great opportunity to quickly snap a few blog photos as I've been meaning to share this cute top with you for a while anyway. I love how it's pretty plain (plain plain plain, oh how I love plain things) apart from the quirky image in the middle, and think the bright red melon is a great pop of colour. Both tops are from Urban Outfitters and they still have some Snoopy stuff in at the minute so definitely check them out!

I hope you don't mind how short and sweet this post is but I just fancied something a little less lengthy today, and tomorrow is my last day interning at PETA so I need to get my apron on and cook something up for the office potluck!
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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in LSD

This eyeliner has completely rekindled my interest in eye makeup so I definitely thought it deserved a mention on here! For so many years now my focus has mostly been on my face due to a few experiences with acne and a determination to achieve 'perfect' skin. I would buy more and more foundations, primers, concealers and powders before anything in the eye department even got a look in, but now all of that is beginning to change!
I dropped a hint to Tom (by hint I mean I took a picture of it on his iPhone and said this is what I want, please get the right shade) just before my birthday, and knowing my obsession with all things makeup related he very kindly obliged and I squealed with delight when I saw the urban decay packaging waiting for me on the day. There is just something SO perfect about brand spanking new makeup, all shiny and unopened... ahhh. ❤
Where do I begin? The pencil itself is truly beautiful to look at with a sleek shimmery blue finish that looks almost too pretty to hide away in a makeup bag. As you begin to apply the pencil you instantly notice how soft and creamy the formula is, meaning absolutely no pulling or tugging away at the eyelid is necessary!
The buttery texture makes it perfect for blending in comparison to regular pencils and I really love that I can still create some softer eye looks even with such a striking colour, I usually just apply a quick slick of this before my mascara for an every day kind of look as you can see in the pic of me above. It just adds something a little more interesting to my otherwise plain makeup, and it's always fun to experiment with a bit of colour! I also like to add a teeny stroke of this just under my waterline towards the outer edge of my eye for a more dramatic evening type look, but I'm always wary of this as I have down-turned eyes and don't want to look like I'm falling asleep!
I'm really impressed with the lasting power of this and have absolutely no criticisms at all concerning smudging or straying. The glittery blue is such a dreamy colour and I don't think I've ever encountered another type of eyeliner that glides on this well, so to conclude - THIS IS AMAZING!

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Makeup Revolution Liquid Concealer

I couldn't help adding this to my basket when I was ordering all the beauty bits for my latest giveaway and it proved pretty impossible to place an order without treating myself to a couple of things too! This is actually the first creamy kind of concealer that I've used as I've only ever stuck to concealer sticks before this, so it was quite strange working with something so different. In the past if I needed to hide a spot I would just whip out my stick and get it covered with a quick precise dab, but the consistency of this is definitely more suited to being worked with under the eyes and in bigger areas in my opinion. Not a bad thing at all, just different. If I need to cover a spot it's inevitable that the surrounding area will also get a bit of coverage but I suppose that's not a bad thing!

I am so impressed with the overall quality and feel of this product especially when you consider the absolute steal of a price - just £1.50! Yep, one pound flippin' fifty. Like most people, I am always a tad wary of putting something on my face when it's so cheap as the phrase 'too good to be true' comes to mind, but any worries I previously had have been totally cast away as I now enjoy using this product as part of my daily routine. The shade I have - 'fair' - is so good for brightening under the eyes and reducing any general redness, and the concealer is really blendable so it's perfect to work around any problem areas like my chin or my nose.
As you can probably tell I am so happy with this purse-friendly purchase and would definitely recommend trying it out for yourself. Even if you don't end up liking it, you can hardly complain when it costs less than two quid! Have you tried any makeup revolution products before? What did you make of them?
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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Beauty Without Cruelty - Heather Mist

I know I keep coming back to nail varnish on here at the minute but since I stopped biting away at my stubby little fingertips I just can't get enough of the stuff! I've never experienced what it's like to have long pretty looking nails before so I'm making the most of every second just in case my bad habit decides to kick in again.
My parents ever so kindly picked this up for me while they were enjoying themselves at the Edinburgh Festival last week as they stumbled upon a lovely little 'green' type shop selling all kinds of natural goodies. Knowing my stance on animal testing, they thoughtfully bought this Beauty Without Cruelty nail colour for me and I was so pleased when they gave it to me! I haven't got round to ordering myself anything from there yet so it was such a good surprise.
The colour itself is a really gorgeous pearly lilac shade and is something that I feel would suit everyone. It's great for everyday wear and certainly isn't too 'out there' or anything like that, yet still makes a lovely noticeable difference to the nails. The wear time I would say is average, I've had it on for four or five days now with a top coat and the chips are becoming significant enough for me to have to remove it, but I would say that's pretty reasonable for a nail polish.

The nail colours are priced at £7.99 which does seem pretty steep in my opinion, but if you have to pay a little bit more to get good quality products that aren't tested on animals then I am certainly more than happy to do that. I mean hey, I'd choose a clear conscience over pretty nails any day.. well, most days..  kidding!

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Summer Reading: War Literature

I know what you might be thinking - wow what a jolly subject to be filling your mind with on your hols - but there's just something about war literature that I really, really appreciate. I studied it back in A Level English and instead of making me never ever want to read it again, the in-depth analysis and contemplation of the books we were studying really opened my mind to the topic in a way that probably wouldn't have happened otherwise. For example, Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks is a book that I will re-read again and again since being introduced to it in school.

I really wasn't sure about doing this post because to be perfectly honest I just didn't want to bore you to death, but after I sent out a tweet today asking for advice I got some really lovely feedback and decided to go ahead with it!

So, the first book I read was 'Life After Life' by Kate Atkinson.

Now this is my definition of a slow starter. To tell you the truth I almost gave up on it at one point but I am so glad I didn't. The book itself isn't all about war, but the topic features heavily with references of World War 1 to start with and then detailed experiences of life during the Second World War towards the middle and end.
The story focuses on the life of a girl called Ursula who you get to see snippets of all the way from birth to adulthood and finally old age, but what happens in between is what makes this fiction such great reading. The mystery of déjà vu is explored through Ursula's life as she finds herself re-experiencing familiar situations with different outcomes, and without giving too much away you get to see how certain small changes can elicit life changing repercussions. The relationship between Hitler and his companion Eva is explored through Ursula's friendship with Eva and this was certainly one of my favourite aspects of the book, it was just so strange to see Hitler being described in terms of a partner and lover but I really loved how Atkinson had done this.
The reason I say this is a slow starter is because the nature of the book means that you need a while to get familiar with characters and events - I did have to flick back a few times to check who was who and that kind of thing - but if you stick with it and don't mind that it jumps from different dates and revisits the past then the future and back again then I'm sure you'll soon fall in love with this creation. I certainly did!  
The next book that I read on holiday was 'The Auschwitz Violin', and if you couldn't already tell from the morbid cover, it isn't the happiest tale you will ever come across. In total contrast to the book above, this is perfect short reading and I managed to finish it in just a day (yes I was very proud of that), as Anglada's beautiful story is elegantly succinct. If you want to open your mind to the subject of life in a concentration camp without the disturbing gore or unthinkable abuse being the centrepiece of the reading then this is the book for you. The focus of the violin wonderfully connects the present to the past and takes you back to the life of a man whose days are spent in perpetual fear as he follows orders to create a violin while desperately trying to avoid the constant injustice of the camp he is trapped in.
Unlike many other books that explore the horrors of war life this won't leave you feeling uncomfortably disturbed or horrified as the gentle writing style conveys the emotions of the characters so delicately. In fact, you may even find yourself uplifted after you put this down as the partnerships and alliances that are explored in the concentration camp really are touching. If you feel like taking a bit of time to reflect on how lucky we are now and how thankful we should be that we don't have to live in fear like the poor souls in these despicable camps did then I really would recommend this, sometimes I think it's good to just think about those innocent people who suffered for nothing, it really does put things into perspective.
I really hope I haven't put a massive downer on your Saturday with this post but I do feel good about writing it, it's nice to talk about something a tad more substantial than nail polish for once! It was the 100th anniversary of entering WW1 at the start of this month as well so I think it's a good time for reflection on all that happened and all those brave people we should keep in our thoughts. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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