Motel Mini

Friday, 10 April 2015

Skirt - Motel // Top - Topshop // Shoes - Public Desire
I think I've discovered the perfect mini skirt! And best of all it's only a tenner in the asos sale, yep, for realz. It's the perfect shade of blue, the perfect shape and has a really cool zip through front design. Basically, I'm in love. For a casual look I paired it with this high-ish neck topshop t-shirt and my current boots of choice, but it's the kind of item that will go with most things in my wardrobe.
I'm super sorry that I've been absent on here lately but I promise I'm trying to fit in posts when I'm not working on my dissertation! I have no idea how some of you manage to juggle regular blogging with uni, jobs and anything else that might be taking up your time because honestly my mind just boggles when I try and fit everything in. I'm trying to keep active online with social media as much as can as well but even that's proving a bit of a struggle, however I did host the #cfbloggers cruelty-free twitter chat last night for an hour and that was a load of fun! If it's of interest to any of you you should definitely get involved and join in next week as everyone's lovely and it's a great way to discover new cruelty-free makeup options. Anyway, I hope you like this outfit post albeit a rather brief one and hopefully I'll be posting on here again soon!
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I ♡ Makeup Black Velvet Palette

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

I ever so kindly received the gorgeous Black Velvet Palette* from Makeup Revolution recently and due to large amounts uni work I have only just got round to testing this bad boy out! The shades are so so beautiful and perfect for the smoky eye looks that I absolutely love creating - I especially love the 3 shimmer shades with 'Cry' being my overall favourite (second to last shade on the third row).

The other 13 shades are completely matte and glide on like velvet, perfect for blending, creating subtle daytime looks with all the light, nude-coloured shades or for vamping things up in the evening with the darker colours. I really love how many brown shades there are in this palette as I think that browns usually suit my green eyes pretty well and I'm looking forward to maybe mixing them with the creams and pinks to create some fresh looks for spring!
At just £7.99 for all these fantastic shades I think this palette is a great alternative to high end favourites like the Urban Decay's Naked collection, especially if these nudes and neutrals are your kind of thing! What's your favourite neutrals palette? Would you go high end or high street?

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B. Creative - Pro Face Kit

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Hiiiii. How are all you strangers doing? I'm not even gonna bore you with any excuses, I've just been a bit of a shitty blogger recently, so without any further ado let's get onto the focus of this post! I picked up this B. Creative art edition Vol. 5 Pro Face kit- Light from the Superdrug B. range a few weeks ago and have literally been using it every day since then, so it definitely deserves a mention on here.

Basically, I was really intrigued by the product because I thought it was such a good idea to have a foundation, concealer, powder and highlighter all in one vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and reasonably priced palette. The products I've been using daily are the foundation (a tad dark on me so I mix it with another of my lighter ones) and the highlighter which is so so sooo dreamy. The concealer is perfect for under eye darkness and any unsightly blemishes but touch wood my skin has been in pretty good condition for the past few weeks so I've not needed to use it daily. I also bought a full version of the powder that features in this kit because it's something that I've used before and know works well, so I use that every day too but just not from the actual palette!

The cream foundation in this kit offers great coverage and applies nicely with a foundation brush to fix my uneven skin tone and create a really nice base before I apply the rest of my makeup. After I've set my foundation with powder and applied a bit of bronzer to contour I absolutely love using the highlighter over the bridge of my nose, my cupid's bow, under the arch of my brow and just over my cheekbones to freshen up my whole look and give my face a bit of a glow. It honestly makes such a difference to my overall look in my opinion and I don't feel right without wearing it anymore!

I would definitely recommend this face kit to anyone who fancies trying a few new products, especially if you struggle to find cruelty free makeup like I do - this is such a lifesaver! It's only £14.99 as well so it won't break the bank. Have you tried anything from Superdrug's B. range? If you have any recommendations be sure to let me know!

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Makeup Revolution - I heart Obsession

Thursday, 12 March 2015

I was recently lucky enough to receive the new Makeup Revolution 'West End Girls'* and 'Wild is the Wind'* palettes from their I <3 Obsession range, and as always I was so excited to try the products out and see how the different shades would look once applied to the skin. I decided to swatch my favourite out of the two palettes, 'Wild is the Wind', so that you can see the shades in a bit more detail and get a clearer idea of how pigmented they are.

To display the colours at their optimum vibrancy I used some water while I created the swatches and it really did make a world of difference. Alone, I wouldn't say that the eyeshadows are quite as highly pigmented as some of their other palettes, especially the lighter colours like the soft lilac, but I definitely wouldn't let this put you off because as you can see they have a lot of potential to be opaque when built up with a couple of layers. It's also a nice option for them to be a bit more toned down anyway because it means that I can get away with wearing the vampy berry/brown shades during the day without looking too done up.

Some of the shades here are truly gorgeous, my personal favourites at the minute are the dark sea green (just above the bright turquoise) and the peachy shimmery colour just before the light purple. I'm really enjoying mixing some of the lighter and darker shades together to come up with a few different day time looks, and I'm sure that the more dramatic shades - especially the shimmery black - will come in handy on a night out.

I would absolutely recommend checking out these palettes if you feel like you're lacking a bit of colour in your life because the range of shades here covers looks for both day and night time and even takes you through from winter to spring with that gorgeous bright light blue. Definitely gonna have to start using that when the sun makes more of an appearance! And if you needed any more convincing, the palettes are only £3.99 each so they won't break the bank either!

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Funnel Neck + High Waisted Jeans OOTD

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Top - Topshop // Jeans - Topshop // Boots - John Lewis (old) // Watch - Folli Follie

I'm so glad I've finally found a spare hour to blog again! Honestly I feel so bad for neglecting things over here but I'm running round like a headless chicken at the minute trying to do uni work and it just feels like there aren't enough hours in the day - third year woes!

There's not an awful lot to say on this post but I absolutely love this little Topshop beauty I treated myself to a few weeks back and it was super cheap too so I had to share it on here. I love pairing it with my high waisted jeans for a casual, comfy, every day kind of look and I also think that it's pretty perfect for this in-betweeny weather we're starting to have. It can still be layered up to battle against the chill but it's also thin enough to not have you melting when the sun peeks through. I really love the kind of rusty colour of the top as well as it feels a little bit 70s and I can totally dig that.

Sorry that this post is so short and sweet but I'm just a massive stress head at the minute and literally feel like it's such a struggle to do anything when I've got a mountain of uni work in the way. Wish me luck cuz I'm gonna need it over the next few months, ahhhh!

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Get More Sleep with More Drinks

Monday, 2 March 2015

This week is National Sleep Awareness Week, so to help me get prepared for a week of good sleep More Drinks have kindly sent this kit - including their Multivitamin drink* to keep my immune system topped up! I always find that getting into a good routine of eating healthily (plenty of water and fruit and veg) and exercising a few times a week really helps me to sleep well at night, and these drinks are another fab way of making sure that I'm keeping healthy by not missing out on any vital vitamins.

The kit included a few sleep-inducing essentials like an eyemask, ear plugs and even a 'do not disturb' door sign (cute much!?) but I'm most excited to use the microwavable heat pack as I imagine it will feel lovely and relaxing. I've been a bit under the weather recently with tonsillitis anyway so this all came at a great time as I'm hoping it will make me recover as soon as possible!

As it's National Sleep Awareness Week, I would love to hear your best advice on getting a good night's sleep and what your perfect bedtime routine would be. A bit embarrassing, but I find that reading a good book while listening to classical music chills me right out so that I can drop off quickly and sleep like a baby! A nice hot drink always works wonders too. And wine, wine helps.

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The Miniaturist Review

Monday, 23 February 2015

After finishing The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton I couldn't wait to share my thoughts on here as I really got stuck into it and thought it might be something a few of you readers could be interested in too. I won't lie, the cover completely drew me in to begin with, along with the 'Haunting, magical and full of surprises' slapped right on the front, but luckily this wasn't a case of pretty cover, shitty book, so we're all good!

Okay, firstly the thing I love most about this book is that it's full of twists and turns and genuinely will surprise you at quite a few points. There's nothing worse than a boring, predictable storyline that feels as though it's just following some generic kind of structure making everything super easy to guess, but that is absolutely not what you will get with this book. I also love anything that sits within the haunted/magical genre as I've always found these types of novels really enjoyable to read, and anything that delves into the idea of the supernatural pulls me right in. There are definite hints of something magical or at least beyond the ordinary throughout, but I thought it was a bit of a shame that the goings on weren't explicitly explained at any point. There's so much mystery involved in the book but by the end of it you aren't really any wiser as to why what happened happened, how it happened, or who the mysterious figure actually is (it's really hard to be concise about a book without giving anything away!).

Aside from a few loose ends, I thought that The Miniaturist was well written from start to finish and the characters were really well defined and easy to follow, each with their own complexities and secrets that made the story so compelling. In some aspect I suppose that the characterisation could appear a little lacking in comparison to other heavier novels that I've read, but I don't think it's an issue because the style actually suited the story well. Burton did a great job of creating the 17th century Amsterdam setting and it was really easy to get into with loads of strong imagery, especially when it came to their house (which is what you'd expect from such a striking front cover).

Overall, I would absolutely recommend giving this book a read despite the fact that the ending isn't particularly strong. I know that might sound a bit strange because the ending is kind of the focal point of a book, but if you missed out on all the rest of the novel just because of that then you would be making a big mistake!

Have you read The Miniaturist yet? What did you think of it if you have? Also, please do share any recommendations of books you think I might like as I always love discovering something new!

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